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Evelyn Braxton on Juggling parenting, the story behind her success & her new book Cooking with Ms E

Jackie P Taylor is back for another episode of your favorite podcast! And she's kicking things off with none other than the remarkable Evelyn Braxton. You may know her as the mother of Toni Braxton and Tamar Braxton and as the head of the Braxton’s Reality Show “The Braxton’s”, but there is a whole lot more to this powerhouse of a woman.

Tune in to episode one of The Real Juggle to hear Jackie and Evelyn discuss:
- Evelyn’s juggle
- The challenges involved in raising talented and successful children
- Evelyn shares the story behind the founding of her organisation; God Can Heal the Heart
- How Evelyn’s mother inspired her book; Cooking with Ms E
- Jackie’s rapid-fire questions - you don’t want to miss these!

Learn more about the sensational Evelyn Braxton: https://www.evelynbraxton.com/
Purchase a copy of Cooking with Ms E: https://amzn.to/3Ny1Dl4